BooYoung Industry

We have established in 1961 and grown up the biggest distributor of non-ferrous metals in Korea market.
In 1982, we set up own factory producing the specialized brass bar and rod to meet customer's diverse demand.

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Through the production of brass bar and rod, which is a core material in precision processing field, we have been able to achieve an important part of the national economy by taking part in the growth of our business along with our customers. We have been exporting our products to USA, Australia, New Zealand, China, Malaysia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Canada, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, UAE and Qatar.

Especially, due to the demands of high quality and various development in metal industry, all employees of Booyoung Industry keep up to improve the quality of products and make a continuous effort to develop a technology.

And in order to extreme the specificity (luxury, durability) of the brass bar, we concentrate on the equipment of various mold parts of the product in order to replace a lot of the interior material which is currently made of aluminum.